Why Restaurants and Customers are Choosing QR Code Menus in the USA


Both customers and restaurants can benefit from these black-and-white barcodes. After the pandemic, half of the restaurants in the USA have implemented digital menus accessible via barcodes. And these codes continued gaining popularity. These codes facilitate contactless ordering of food. This means restaurants can now work with less staff after the pandemic. Moreover, these codes offer many long-term advantages which we have mentioned in the next part of the blog.

Bring more profit

Customers who opt for QR Code menu ordering tend to spend more. They are more likely to get add-ons and extras while placing orders digitally. They also feel at ease while browsing the menu and are less pressured to make snap decisions. This increases their chances of making a bigger purchase. According to experts, restaurants that use QR code menus have seen an increase of about 20% in their average order value.

Save money

Printing a physical menu requires money. And you need to print a new set of menus every time you revise the menu which further increases the expenses. These menus are costly as even a small change requires complete rewriting. But QR code menus only take the writing of the code. You can make changes whenever you want and your customers can access the newest version with the same code.

Can be updated easily

All the changes to the digital menu can instantly go live. With this, you can add all the exclusive special deals with a few clicks. Moreover, you can remove the out-of-stock items and your customers can access the latest menu right away.

Faster turnaround

Traditionally, customers have to wait for a staff member to collect their order, collect their check, and then give them their card or change back. This time can be a lot when considered as a whole. However, with a QR code menu, customers don’t need to wait for someone. They can order as soon as they come into the eatery. Moreover, they can pay easily whenever they want. This ensures a shorter turnaround time which means new customers can occupy the table much sooner. All this will increase the profits of your restaurant.

Less error

Everyone can make mistakes however restaurants have to try their best to minimize errors. QR code menu can help minimize human errors. Customers can enter their preferences directly so there is no room for miscommunication between the waiter and diner. In addition, customers can review their choices before placing an order finally. As a result, there will be no waste or refund.

Get valuable customer data

In this digital era, apart from the quality of food and service, restaurants have to take care of customer data. This data helps them to understand more about their customers as well as their establishment. For example, they can understand what sells and when, popular food pairings, special requests customers often make, and more. With these details, restaurants can make better decisions that help them thrive.

All in all

The best thing about QR Code menu ordering in the USA is that they are beneficial for both customers and restaurants. So it is evident why more and more restaurants and customers are opting for them.

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