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Welcome to the
"Star" program

This smart innovative “Star” program from Black Box Star is new and provides anyone with an immediate view of comments and reviews from your past customers.

See the QR Code label over there? Tap or scan and see what a sample review page looks like.

Now imagine that same label with your business name on the front door or window of your business.

Potential customers scan the displayed QR Code and immediately view past comments and reviews about your business.

Powerful? Yes indeed!


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The "Star" Program is a B2B
Comment & Review Service

Ever walk by a business and a restaurant and wondered about the food quality, past experiences, prices, or their customer service?

Well, that’s exactly what the “Star” program is all about.

A quick scan of the displayed QR Code label and instantly view comments and reviews from past customers.

Display these labels on the front door or window of any business and of course anywhere online.

Since customer service is so vital to any business, the “Star” program is great for any business and industry.




What a powerful high tech tool for
potential customers to know about your business!

It’s fast, simple and yet so powerful!

Whatever your industry, potential clients can now have a realistic review of your business from your past customers instead of walking by and wonder about your quality, prices, service, etc.

This powerful information is made available with a simple scan of your QR Code label from Black Box Star.

No more downloading apps or visiting a website or social media pages.

How to get started?

Sign up to pay only $5 per month
pay $60 for the annual membership.
Want to SAVE more?
Pay the $60 annual and we will discount your fee $10!

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$5 Monthly Plan



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$60 Annual Plan


SAVE $10 and pay only $50

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What to expect after I order?

Expect a confirmation email with your login credentials and (2) template pdf files of your (6) label sheet showing your business name and your assigned QR Code.

Help Us Help The Environment ….How?

In an effort to help reduce the carbon footprint around the world, we are asking all businesses to join others by printing your label sheets from the My Business Labels template located in the My Account page.

We will also provide the recommended sheet size and where you can order these labels.

The templates can easily be adjusted to fit various size labels and also used online.

If you decide you want us to print these labels for you,
no problem and there is no charge.

In your My Account page, there is an email link on where to send your (6) label template.

We will print and mail them to you via USPS, at no charge.

By supporting carbon offset projects like this, you can help offset emissions that are currently unavoidable and hence reduce your overall environmental impact.

This is good stuff!

Thank you in advance for joining us as our Climate Partner!

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